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Good Advice For Guys in Dating

Guys are known to be very good in flirting. They can say a million things when they mean none. Unfortunately, they get a lot of unwanted attention from girls. Some guys are so used to flirting that it has become a part of them. They can hardly hold a casual talk with a woman for two minutes without flirting. This is one of the flirting tips for guys. Please do not provoke emotions in girls if you do not intend to reciprocate. Some girls especially who are not so exposed to opposite sex get excited out of a mere flirt. They interpret the sweet melodious words to the ear as a sign of interest. What happens when the guy shows no further signs of pursuit? The girl is left high and dry. Isn’t this heartbreaking? Off course it is.

That is why many girls accuse guys of playing with their psychology. A girl who was your friend might result into hating you with a passion after continuous flirting leading to nowhere. To maintain your boundaries communicate your intentions and keep the flirting light and sweet. Maintain your friendships with opposite sex since such friendships are very beneficial. Another flirting tip for guys is that do not go beyond the set boundaries lest you will be trapped in an emotional quagmire. If Niteflirtfindomme  flirt deeply with one girl, she will naturally develop love feelings for you. You might not be too strong to dismiss sexual advances from women. It is known to all that men are the weaker sex and will find it hard to resist a readily available opportunity to enjoy sex.

The aftermath of influenced sexual encounters are feelings of regret and personal hate. Among the best flirting tips for guys is that do not compromise your dignity by flirting with everybody including the people who will taint your image. Flirt only with the people who you can get intimate with when the flirting takes such a course without much regrets. Men are always ready for sex anytime. My advice to guys is, do not flirt with the house girl, the tea girl or any other person who you would not be comfortable being associated with. This is because you may never know where the flirting might end up. It might result in you fathering a child. If the mother is a respectable woman, it will not be shameful to stand out and take responsibility.

Flirting tips for guys are very important since all bad things resulting from relationships start with mere flirting. These are especially sexually related problems since guys respond very fast to sexual advances. If care is not taken, simple flirting can result in to extra marital affairs, children outside marriage and also the danger of contracting sexually transmitted diseases. Flirt wisely to get only what you can take accommodate. Flirting pays if it is done with the right intensity and to the right people. Guys be wise and flirt to add value to your social life but not to spoil it.


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